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Best CV

What makes the world’s best CV – and how YOU can adapt it for your dream job

  • Do not include a photo or DOB
  • Keep it short. It should only be one page in length, or a maximum of two if you are in a senior position
  • Utilise clear headings and bulleted sections, written in a simple, consistent font such as Arial or Times New Roman 11 or 12. This makes it easy to comprehend for ‘D’ personalities (typically MDs and CEO), who tend to skim read, while also including the structure and consistency that ‘C’s such as CFOs look for
  • Keep sentences short and concise, and give proof supporting your career achievements. This appeals to ‘D’ and ‘I’ types who want facts and statistics, and ‘S’ and ‘C’s who are put off by excessive self-promotion
  • Detail your work history in chronological order
  • Make sure to display an awareness of the company’s values in at least one of your career achievements
  • Mention at least one thing that shows that you are motivated, and also shows that you inspire and motivate others
  • Mention two activities that demonstrate your personal values, such as training to run a marathon or doing voluntary work in the community
  • Throughout the CV, make sure to demonstrate a positive, can-do ‘Achiever’s mindset’

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