Are you stuck in some area of your life? A loveless marriage? Dead end job?

Rita has developed a unique, blended approach for individuals and teams which includes behavioural profiling,

coaching and training; bespoke to your needs.

All of which has stemmed from her trademarked framework, which she calls becoming SAVVI.

Rita will work with you to enhance your life and become Savvi.

Who Rita has helped to Get SAVVI

1. hallmark
“I would highly recommend Rita and Savran if you are committed to getting the most out of your people.”
_Managing Director,Hallmark Care Homes
2. spelthorne
“Spelthorne’s engagement in Savran’s leadership development programme has been pivotal in providing insight into how senior managers can improve performance, interact and lead”.
_Daniel Mouawad,CEO, Spelthorne Borough Council
4. greenwich
“What I particularly like about Savran’s approach is its simplicity and accuracy, allowing everyone involved to benefit as an individual, but also to use the approach to better contribute to the team(s) in which or with which they work. Savran’s
_John Comber,Former CEO, Greenwich Council
Angela Malik Photo
“I have been working with Rita for a year. Her coaching has given me powerful insights into my personality and behaviour patterns both positive and negative. This awareness has allowed me, with Rita’s guidance, to work through my blocks and
_Angela Malik,
9. infinity fitness
“Rita gave me the confidence to set up my own business and over the last three months, my earnings have more than tripled.”
_Infinity Fitness,Founder
8. bradley smith
“I have made immediate drastic changes in business strategy which resulted in my net profit increasing by 25%. I have changed the way I manage my staff which has led to one of my team member’s sales revenues increasing by 47% in a
_Bradley Smith Hair,Managing Director
7. JTP
“Coaching helped me work out what my strengths are and how I could overcome some of my weaknesses. Coaching made me set some ambitious goals and I have completely changed the way I do things and am now focusing on
_Jeevan Seth,CEO at JTP
1. hallmark
“I would attribute a significant part of my success this year to the coaching undertaken with Savran.”
_Hallmark Care Homes,General Manager
6. gift universe-2
“As a direct result of the process one individual has since been redeployed in a role much more suited to his personality, which will be both beneficial to the business as well as to him personally. I would not hesitate
_Paul Kraftman,CEO, Gift Universe

If you’d like to know more about what it is to be SAVVI, why not get in touch?