Get Savvi

Zara seemed happily married. But behind her smile at parties and gatherings was a lonely woman. She found herself neglected by her husband Jay, who was a successful and preoccupied businessman, and was no longer needed by her entitled and wayward son Arun. This all changed when they met the award-winning coach, Rita Chowdhry. Through the framework called SAVVI, the three characters, based on real life stories transformed their lives. Rita speaks to the likes of Lord Blunkett, politician Nicky Morgan and hotelier Jasminder Singh, who epitomise the SAVVI principles in their own lives in order to achieve success and fulfillment. A book for CEOs, parents, entrepreneurs and those seeking to thrive in their careers and relationships, ‘Get SAVVI’ shows you in a practical way how to lead, love and live your best life.

To enhance your work and personal life read – Get Savvi