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Who is Rita Chowdhry?


Rita Chowdhry is the founder of award-winning coaching and consulting company Savran, which has helped thousands of individuals and organisations to achieve success. Rita has over 30 years’ experience in learning and development and has worked with well-known organisations such as Costa Coffee, KFC, The Metropolitan Police, Greenwich Council and Hallmark Care Homes; to deliver unique development training programmes with phenomenal results.

Known for her signature framework to success, ‘SAVVI’, Rita has recently published a book, ‘Get SAVVI’, aimed at CEOs, parents, entrepreneurs and those seeking to thrive in their careers and relationships, ‘Get SAVVI’ shows you in a practical way how to lead, love and live your best life through real-life success stories from inspirational household names and proven tools to excel you to achieve your personal and professional life goals.

Rita lives by the motto, “Look Inwardly | Think Positively | Act Proactively

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Mission Statement

To help people and organisations to grow
and develop to be the best they can be


Rita’s Impact

Rita has experience working across a range of different sectors including the police force, care sector, education, finance, non-profit organisations and private individuals. Rita’s impact includes:

1. Working with care homes in which 100% of managers have improved their performance and CQC ratings increased by 25%
2. In twelve months staff retention improved by 37% for a care home she worked with
3. A 25% increase in profits within 3 months for one of Rita’s clients
4. Working with the largest borough employer in the UK and the largest employer in London to enhance cohesion amongst teams
5. 33% of executive coaching clients have been promoted within 5 months
6. 100% of clients say they would recommend Rita

Rita’s Story

In her personal life, watching both her mother and mother-in-law take their last breaths made her reflect and take action to enter the business world. Rita’s loss and her training as a coach acted as a catalyst to overcome obstacles and gave her the courage to form her own coaching company, Savran (derived from both her mother and mother-in-law’s names). Rita now has a successful coaching and consultancy company and continues to change people’s lives daily. Her book, ‘Get Savvi’, was recently released and is already being recognised by large corporates, already ordering hundreds of copies for their employees.



Making a difference

Rita is the governor for a short-stay school for pupils who have been expelled from mainstream education. She also provides pro bono leadership coaching (through the Uprising programme) for young adults from minority ethnic groups and is in the process of setting up a mentoring system for children in India, to offer pro bono services to schoolteachers there.

Over the last two years, Rita has donated £28,000 to charities and was a major sponsor for her daughters English Channel swim, which raised over £150,000.


Rita has been recognised for her commitment to helping people to enhance their lives, winning several International Coaching Awards including ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Small Business Coach’ and ‘Most Inspirational Businesswoman’ and ‘Best Coach’ by Best Businesswomen Awards.